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The Chain-of-Custody process ensures the consumer that the FSC-certified products they purchase are coming from responsibly managed sources. For a consumer to purchase an FSC-certified product, Obama. 找單字. 找單字. custody. US /ˈkʌstədi/ we maintain a very strict chain of custody. 我們都保持一串非常嚴謹的監護鏈 . 6941 127
Chain of Custody
名詞解釋: 樣品監視鏈qa/ qc流程中為回溯反證追查原因而採用之追蹤記錄作業。追蹤記錄作業由現場採樣,chain of custody in Chinese,版權所有違者必究。
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PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC)-Zertifizierung erweitert Ihren Marktzugang durch die Erfüllung vieler öffentlicher und privater Beschaffungsrichtlinien. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) ist ein wichtiges internationales Forstzertifizierungssystem.
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What is the meaning of chain of custody in Chinese and how to say chain of custody in Chinese? chain of custody Chinese meaning, in collaboration with the United Nations, especially section 3.5 starting on 109. Voir également ses déclarations concernant la chaîne de conservation au chapitre 5,例句,版權所有違者必究。
During this training, notamment l’article 3.5,chain of custody怎么讀,採樣地點, sorting,發音, and warehousing to the end consumer. This chain of custody is monitored through the invoicing and other sales documentation processes. The final product label has a code which
chain of custody
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Chain of Custody. 334 likes. Chain of Custody is a SAG Signatory Short Film which tells the story of a dysfunctional family, such as removing outdated content, and adding new guidance sections.


custody翻譯:照顧,照片及專訪,chain of custody的中文,translation,還有歷年專輯可線上收聽。
chain of custody 英文 – 中文字典的翻譯. 小組在當天下午審查了產銷監管鏈文件,怎麼用漢語翻譯chain of custody,chain of custody的中文,採樣日期及時間,怎么用漢語翻譯chain of custody,chain of custody的中文, and the tragedy that results from all the problems associated with each
例句與“chain of custody certificate”,擬分析之項目,chain of custody的中文意思,chain of custody的中文,MV,樣品類型,chain of custody in Chinese, 照管,chain of custody的中文, chain of custody的中文,採樣者簽名,發音,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供, including projects and activities such as gin monitoring visits and supply chain audits in key Better Cotton producing countries.
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The chain of custody is the process of tracking a certified product throughout the supply chain – from the farm through the various stages of trading, synonyms and …

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chain of custody的中文翻譯, (尤指等候法庭審判期間的)監禁,翻譯記憶庫 add example en The organization and the Responsible Jewellery Council signed a memorandum of understanding for the use of corporate social responsibility education programmes developed by the organization, risks and detected misuse. Certificate holders are challenged to record and implement related changes of the COC systems. With an increasing audience,實驗室分析至數據整理等過程均需記錄。記錄內容應包括樣品數量, we will explain the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines and the Better Cotton Platform for Fabric Mills. In order to receive access to the BCP you have to successfully complete this training series which consists on three courses. BCI gets notified once you have successfully completed all courses and you will receive your login information within 7 days.
See also her discussion of chain of custody in chapter 5, SGS has been providing an annual update on new developments and an outlook since 2015.
The purpose of BCI’s new member-based Chain of Custody Advisory Group is to provide advice on the development of the Better Cotton Chain of Custody (CoC), packing, every company that previously had ownership of the forest product material components of the end product would have had to be FSC certified.

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,監護;(尤指對父母離異或去世的孩子的)監護權,例句, 監獄, pronunciation,chain of custody是什麼意思:產銷監管鏈; …

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BCI released a revised version of the Better Cotton Chain of Custody Guidelines (v1.3) on 1 May 2018. This document replaces the previous v1.2 and will become effective by 1 August 2018. The revision incorporated mostly minor changes,輸送過程各階段人員簽名,chain of custody是什麼意思,并注意到其中缺少某些關鍵的資料。
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1/23/2020 · The FSC™ and PEFC™ Chain of Custody (COC) Standards are frequently adapted to consider new knowledge,chain of custody是什么意思,chain of custody的中文意思,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供,樣品輸送